Dunstable Theater Collaborative is holding auditions for the roommate comedy “Accommodations” by Nick Hall. Auditions can be either August 19th or 21st from 6:30-9 at Dunstable Town Hall. Please email to reserve your spot today!

We need 2 men and 2 women for this hilarious romp, all aged 21-49:

Lee – housewife, feeling she may be missing out on something, leaves her husband, Bob, and her suburban home and moves into a two room Greenwich Village apartment with two roommates.
Pat – one of the roommates and an aspiring actress, never out of character or costumes.
Tracy – through an agency mix up, he is the other roommate; a serious, young, graduate student male.
Bob – Lee’s left-behind husband.

Performances are October 25-27, and there will be 2 rehearsals a week. Please email for more information. Thanks!