Accommodations – A comedy by Nick Hall

Join Dunstable Theater Collaborative on October 25-27th for the hilarious roommate comedy Accommodations by Nick Hall, directed by Kevin Dumont.

Synopsis: Lee Schallert, housewife, feeling she may be missing out on something, leaves her husband, Bob, and her suburban home and moves into a two room Greenwich Village apartment with two roommates. One roommate, Pat, is an aspiring actress, never out of character or costumes; but through an agency mix up, the other roommate is a serious, young, graduate student male. The ensuing complications make a hysterical evening.

Cast: Natalia Musatova – Pat
Emily Goldfarb – Lee
Jason Norman – Tracy
Glenn Arthur Pierce – Bob

Tickets: $15 General Admisssion ~ $10 Students & Seniors (use coupon code studentsenior at checkout ~ ~ Dunstable Town Hall, 511 Main Street, Dunstable, MA 01827