AUDITIONS for The Glass Menagerie

Dunstable Theater Collaborative is hosting auditions for Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie. Auditions are on 2/15, 2/21 & 2/22 from 6PM until 9PM, with possible callbacks the following week at Dunstable Town Hall, 511 Main Street. Rehearsals begin 3/05 and will take place Monday and Wednesday evenings through March, and adding Friday evening rehearsals in April. Performances will be April 27-29 and May 4-6. Auditions will consist of readings from selected sides from the script. No appointment is necessary, but an RSVP is appreciated at Actors only need to attend one of the audition nights.


Amanda Wingfield – A faded Southern belle, abandoned by her husband, who is trying to raise her two children under harsh financial conditions. Amanda yearns for the comforts of her youth and also longs for her children to have the same comforts, but her devotion to them has made her – as she admits at one point – almost “hateful” towards them.

Tom Wingfield – Amanda’s son. Tom works at a shoe warehouse to support his family but is frustrated by his job and aspires to be a poet. He struggles to write, all the while being sleep-deprived and irritable. Yet, he escapes from reality through nightly excursions to the movies, but also to local bars. Tom feels both obligated toward yet burdened by his family and longs to escape.

Laura Wingfield – Amanda’s daughter and Tom’s older sister. A childhood illness has left her with a limp, and she has a mental fragility and an inferiority complex that have isolated her from the outside world. She has created a world of her own symbolized by her collection of glass figurines.

Jim O’Connor – An old high school acquaintance of Tom and Laura. Jim was a popular athlete and actor during his days at Soldan High School. Subsequent years have been less kind to Jim; however, and by the time of the play’s action, he is working as a shipping clerk at the same shoe warehouse as Tom. His hope to shine again is conveyed by his study of public speaking and ideas of self-improvement that appear related to those of Dale Carnegie.