It takes a village to support community theater productions! Through sponsorship, grants, program advertisement, and individual donation, we are able to bring the community high-quality programming at an affordable price. Thank you to all who have given to and supported our non-profit organization!


Barefoot in the Park is supported in part by grants form the Dunstable, Groton, and Townsend Cultural Councils, local agencies which are supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.




Karen Clougher, Kevin Dumont, Tamara Friedler, Vicki Gordon, Hilary Gray, Brian Johnston, Erika Lantz, Foster “Ted” Nichols, Lauren Roller, Richard & Vardit Samuels, John Shoenberger, Alex Speir, Gregory Swift, Jon Swift, Timothy Swift, Tomas Swift, Lisa Tierney, Matthew Tobey, Jennifer Wolahan